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Random AVA stuff here. November 4, 2009

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As some of you might know it is the Drama Nite for the past 2 days and today. I’ve been staying in school for around 13.5 hours everyday, so I’ve been darn tired. But.. things are so fun!
Everyday in the morning, we would fight over on who to play with the mixer during the event. The mixer is something that controls the sensitivity, volume, frequency and whatnot of the microphones. Playing with the mixer, or as the current AVA club called it, “Playing the Piano” or “Being Beethoven” , is one of the most fun things ever.you get to enjoy the aircon,sit on a chair, relax somewhat. But it is the most important and difficult job, you have to be alert on everything happening and the slightest noise can disrupt you. So, you can slack while doing the most important job at the same time.
Okay, granted that the lights are also very important and you can also slack – only if the class currently acting sent a representative to do the lights for them. Even though lights are kinda slack, it’s also very important for the play.

Lol. Would follow up on the actual thing soon!


Life as a SJAB Cadet 1 October 21, 2009

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Today, after receiving the news that CCA is returning this Friday, I really wish I could skip it. I mean, it’s after the exams and a day before the holidays.. and they still want to torture us? They think we are masochist or something? And to make things worse, we have to spend our holidays having training! A total waste of time IMO. But.. This is life and I can’t deny that I don’t like CCA and want to skip it, but skipping CCA would means that I would have to hand in a letter of absence.. I don’t have an excuse to do so ==” Maybe one of you want to act as my parent and help me write the letter? ><“


Why I hate CCA October 20, 2009

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Lately, I’ve been complaining alot about CCA returning. Seriously, why bother with CCAs? I don’t see a need to have them. I think know I can live longer without the weekly 4 hours worth of scolding …

In case non of you know what my CCA is, it’s called the St. John’s Ambulance Brigade. I am a not-so-proud cadet of the Brigade. I don’t have anything against the Order , but I don’t like training that’s for sure. It’s so predictable.
1. Fall in in Muftee/Full uniform
2. Get scolded for taking too long.
3. Do parade.
4. Get scolded for not saying pledge loud enough/ not saying pledge
5. Do drills
6. Get scolded for not doing drills perfectly
7. Get dehydrated due to being unable to drink water ‘coz NCO doesn’t allow
8. Run to New Block for First aid
9. Get scolded for not greeting a NCO while seeing her while we are running. No, we didn’t saw
her. It’s her fault to walk so far away from us and expecting us to see her.
10. Get scolded for reaching new block late and not falling in properly out classroom.
11. Do first aid
11.5 May or may not get scolded for sucky bandaging/screwing around.
12. Told to change into PT Kit.
13. Get scolded for not being able to change in time.
14. Do PT/ CPR practice.
15. Get scolded for not pumping properly/ not running fast enough.
15 (ver.2) Get scolded for not doing CPR up to standard.
16. Fall in again
17. Parade again
18. Get released home late
Above all is done in 4 hours (theoretically, but it usually takes 4.5~5 hours) .
Come on, who the hell would be able to live to 80 if they have to endure 4 hours + worth of scolding every week and physical torture. And working in an environment without energy booster AKA Manga, Anime, Anisongs,forums,sleep,food , I can hardly go for 1 hour.. and those NCOs and ICs are expecting us to go on for 4 hours? Blasphemy!
No more CCA, Please!!