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Drama Night 2009, Drama Night 2009 Rehearsal and Open House 2009 November 14, 2009

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Okay, as promised, this entire post is about Drama Nite 09. I’ll be covering the rehearsal, the actual thing and CCHMS Open House. =x Hahas. So, from after the EOY, the secondary ones had been having their Drama Nite rehearsal. Okay, granted that I’m also a Sec one, but I’m from AVA club ^^” Means I get to skip rehearsal and help out in the Grand Auditorium for the Technical Runs. Actually, the rehearsals are kinda boring, since the teachers usually just want them to repeat everything again and again, and doesn’t require that much help from the AVAs.

See? It got so boring that the AVA crew decided to play around with the roller chairs.

Giant Mixer O Doom. My first time playing with the mixer. Okay, I rephrase, first time I’ve played with the mixer for such a long period of time.

The Audi during the rehearsals. No one sitting, except for bags maybe.

My class. Posing for something. Seriously, although I am the stage manager, their script changes so fast that all I’ve done is to leave them alone for 2 days and I don’t know what they are doing now. Oh, they looked kinda stupid posing like that in their uniform =x

Boon Tao AKA Boon Boon AKA Oat Noob is singing. He’s the lead singer that screws up big time everytime he touches a mic.

Near the ending.Everyone gathering. Abigail’s the most extra. Everybody wear uniform except for her, she wear PE.

Ronnie playing the piano for the BGM in the play. Ivan’s “playing the guitar”, but when i stood beside them to tell them to start playing, Ivan apparently did nothing. In the end, Mdm Yati excluded him=x He too extra le.

Elephants walking on the floor. The floor mics are picking up very loud noise.

Some people in charge of the AVA of their class came up. They bought a netbook. I want a netbook =x But i guess that is a want but not a need.

Sorry for the upside down picture. I can’t be bother to flip it. A row of girls in black. All from the chinese group in my class.

Yimei sleeping. Hope she don’t see this.

Lol, that’s it for the rehearsals. The actual thing. Lol.. Can’t take much pictures except during break because it’s really way more hiong that during rehearsals. ==”

Lunch on the first day. Finally know why they put so much ketchup on the rice. It’s tasteless without it. The egg is nice though.

Alvin, Chon Wey and Eugene having their ‘reunion dinner’ in a corner.

Giant time skip to dinner time. Eugene decided to order McDonald’s but no one knows the number. There’s Eugene passing pushing the phone to Yan Lun. We asked Zhen Wei but he told us the taxi’s number ==” Finally Eugene called McDees.

Here is Eugene reading our orders off a list. =x

The dinner school provided. Usual canteen food, just repackaged.

My class’s “Butterfly Dance” thingy. Screws the whole play up IMO. A perfect play ruined by this dance.

Poster for my class’s english group.

Some class acting.

The emperor got up of his throne!

I realised that all the Chinese Drama has a scene like this.

Lol.. I know it’s quick.But, on to Open House now. I’m there for the AVA stuff once again

Reach school at 9.30 to help set up the Lecture Hall for the principal’s speech. Here’s the Principal talking. But it seems like the same thing as last year’s, except his year, he talked more about the 70th anniversary thingy.
Choir singing in the Concourse. The AVAs could blend in =x Their shirt looks like ours.

Guitar playing something. Alot of problem with this group, since their playing brought alot of feedback, which is the screeching sound you sometimes hear when there is someone using a mic
And it was very soft too. We turned the volume of the mics to the max too.

Dance up next. They didn’t seem to realise that they are a walking Panchira Parade.

SJABs slacking in one corner. No one visited their booth it seems, so i visited it and acted as though I am not a part of it. =x I went like “Ecuse me, can you you me more about your CCA?” with a face like this: =3
Board O Badges. No idea what they are for.
Sergeant Lennon, Sergeant Ziyang, Lance Corporal Lucas posing for photo. Somehow, they don’t seem to know how to pose. The official Camera man got pissed of at them. No the official Camera man is not me. Is another guy. I’m just extra =x
Finally they posed. Took the photo from the wrong angle though. But I’m still a recruit.. so i probably would get killed by them during training if they caught me taking their photo. Wait.. looking at the photo now, I think Sergeant Ziyang caught me =x

The scouts booth next. Poor scouts, the entire booth, only one person taking care of it. Comparing it with the SJABs.. lol

hahas the end!



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