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A week of my Life 2 November 1, 2009

Posted by BCOtaku in A week of my Life, Life.

Here’s it.

So i guess My week is kinda normal, except that i visited my grandma at the hospital more often this Week. She fell down and broke her arm and leg. She just had an operation on her leg and thank Haruhi that she is fine already.
Nothing much this week except for Drama Nite rehearsal. But i’ll go over the rehearsals on another post together with the actual Drama Nite soon.
So, pictures time.

The above is my breakfast at i forgot which day. Soft boiled eggs with kaya toast. Recently fallen in love with soft boiled eggs. <33

===School, so no photos===

Back from school and had dinner at Ajisen Ramen in Tampines Mall before going to the hospital. Had cha-shu Ramen and some fried squid thingy. Doesn’t taste bad, but i won’t say that it taste very nice.

Walked to the hospital. Apparently, my grandma’s fine already, so she’s recuperating (did i spell it correctly?) in a lil’ recuperating centre inside the hospital. Went there only to find out that she went to another hospital to do something. So, I just stayed in the cafeteria of the recuperating centre while waiting for her to be back. The nurse said she’d be back in 20minutes. I bought a can of iCafe Vanilla coffee and i loved it. Gotta find out if any shops near my house is selling it. Mum bought hot coffee.
The dustbin in the Cafeteria. Filled to the brim yet no one’s here to clear it yet. And it’s suppose to be a hospital, where everything is (supposedly) clean.
The lone store of the cafeteria. Not sure if i could still call it cafeteria. Sells drinks and baos.
Reception counter of the recuperating centre. No one’s there. And no, they are not hiding behind the pillar.
See, they are really not hiding behind the pillar. What if people needs help? Who do the approach? The cafeteria lady?
The coffee mum bought. Looks like poo and taste like poo.
So after waiting forever, my grandmother is finally back. Apparently, my aunt called some ambulance service to bring her back. She said that they were speeding like there was no tomorrow. There’s my aunt paying the ambulance fee.

More ramen for dindins (another day of course) this time, it’s Tontoro Ramen. From the little japanese i can understand, it apparently is pork stomach? Or the mean somewhere around there? Taste like normal meat though. i got ripped off?
This time, Side dish is fried tofo thingy. Not bad.

Err.. my week is pretty much like that. Nothing much. Next week’s “A week of my Life” is about Drama Night , SJAB on Friday and CCHMS open House entirely (because that’s how I spent my week.) So, no “A week of my life” next week.



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