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A week of my life 1 October 26, 2009

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I ran out of ideas on what to write in my blog, so I decided to write this, a week of my life. Basically as it suggest on the tin, I’ll be writing about my weekly life.. not too interesting I guess, since i’m not some famous people or somethin and I’m not exactly doing different things every week. So i think you’ll see pretty much the same things every week. Bear with it. I swear it’ll get more interesting soon.

So, this week is just like any other week except that i finally got my results back. Luckily I did not fail any subject. Well, I had never failed anything before…

First up, since it’s post exam activities time, We go to school a little later than usual (although only for one day). At the bus stop at about 9.30 am. The bus above has plenty of passengers on it. But the photo doesn’t really shows it.
Boarded bus 10 and took it all the way to school. Trip took about 45 minutes. On the bus, I realised that where the first aid kit was kept in has a sign that was placed wrongly. Funny. Wonder what would people do if they are really that er.. to put it nicely.. does not recognize what the cross symbol means.

A few stops before Katong shopping center, a few foreigners wanting to board the bus, but does not know which bus to board, so they sent someone up the bus to ask the bus driver. Apparently the bus was going their way and they all clambered onto the bus. I got off the bus a few stops later and walked to school.

===No Pictures in School===

So school’s over and I took the bus home.

Had lunched at the coffee shop near my house . I had the Mini Wok Noodles. It cost me $3.80. It had some balls made of animal meat and some other stuff floating around.

Went to school the next day. There’s CCA so I’ll have to bring my Uniform (actually the pants since I does not have the shirt yet). I brought the giant uniform cover and my bag that’s stuffed with my shoes and training materials onto the bus. Blurry picture coz bus was moving suddenly.

Around 6.15 in the morning. No cars on the road.
Reached school at around 6.40am, surprising how bright a place can get in just 25 minutes.
Same road, about half a day later, at 19 00hrs . Still can see the sun.
Same road, except now facing the other way. The body at the bottom left of the pictures belongs to Li Jun, one of my squadmates.(realised that it sounds like he’s dead. lol.)

The supermart near my bus stop. Used to be called K-Store but somehow changed the already stupid name to something even more stupid – Green Begger Supermart.
Similarly, less than half an hour later, it has gotten so dark already. But at least the lights brighten it up.I wonder how many figures can I buy if all of these lights were turn off for 1 week.
The bus stop at night. Only one person in sight.
Bright lights as signs for places too.
Random fury of lights
Helping my mother out at her stall. Saw lotsa leeks. Do you think Miku would like it here?
Dinner consist of take away roast dead animals.
And weird soup with things floating in it.
The sauce that comes along with it looks weird too.Lol at the headlines. Military Blasts Proposed Pea lol.

Lol so that’s it for this week.



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