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Castlevania Order of Ecclesia November 15, 2009

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First time reviewing a game, and it’s Castlevania Order of Ecclesia, starring my daughter, Shanoa.



Drama Night 2009, Drama Night 2009 Rehearsal and Open House 2009 November 14, 2009

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Okay, as promised, this entire post is about Drama Nite 09. I’ll be covering the rehearsal, the actual thing and CCHMS Open House. =x Hahas. So, from after the EOY, the secondary ones had been having their Drama Nite rehearsal. Okay, granted that I’m also a Sec one, but I’m from AVA club ^^” Means I get to skip rehearsal and help out in the Grand Auditorium for the Technical Runs. Actually, the rehearsals are kinda boring, since the teachers usually just want them to repeat everything again and again, and doesn’t require that much help from the AVAs.

Random AVA stuff here. November 4, 2009

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As some of you might know it is the Drama Nite for the past 2 days and today. I’ve been staying in school for around 13.5 hours everyday, so I’ve been darn tired. But.. things are so fun!
Everyday in the morning, we would fight over on who to play with the mixer during the event. The mixer is something that controls the sensitivity, volume, frequency and whatnot of the microphones. Playing with the mixer, or as the current AVA club called it, “Playing the Piano” or “Being Beethoven” , is one of the most fun things ever.you get to enjoy the aircon,sit on a chair, relax somewhat. But it is the most important and difficult job, you have to be alert on everything happening and the slightest noise can disrupt you. So, you can slack while doing the most important job at the same time.
Okay, granted that the lights are also very important and you can also slack – only if the class currently acting sent a representative to do the lights for them. Even though lights are kinda slack, it’s also very important for the play.

Lol. Would follow up on the actual thing soon!

A week of my Life 2 November 1, 2009

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Here’s it.

So i guess My week is kinda normal, except that i visited my grandma at the hospital more often this Week. She fell down and broke her arm and leg. She just had an operation on her leg and thank Haruhi that she is fine already.
Nothing much this week except for Drama Nite rehearsal. But i’ll go over the rehearsals on another post together with the actual Drama Nite soon.

Kobato. and Kobato. Episode 3 review October 30, 2009

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Well, I’ve realised that I have not done a review for Kobato. yet, So, I’ll do the review for the series so far and episode 3 together.

So.. Kobato. is an anime about this girl called Kobato Hanato.
So there!~

Err… not enough ar?
So, Kobato Hanato is this cute little girl going around to ‘heal the hearts of people’ to collect their ‘broken hearts’. Apparently, ‘broken hearts’ sound very weird, so Kobato decides to call them ‘Candies’ instead.
Now, Kobato has this talking stuffed animal that breathes fire called Ioryogi. (more…)

A week of my life 1 October 26, 2009

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I ran out of ideas on what to write in my blog, so I decided to write this, a week of my life. Basically as it suggest on the tin, I’ll be writing about my weekly life.. not too interesting I guess, since i’m not some famous people or somethin and I’m not exactly doing different things every week. So i think you’ll see pretty much the same things every week. Bear with it. I swear it’ll get more interesting soon.

So, this week is just like any other week except that i finally got my results back. (more…)

Windows 7 October 21, 2009

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Wow! Windows 7 would be released tomorrow in Singapore and this week’s Digital Life already has a review on it.It seems that there’s no negative things written about Windows 7. Too bad my scanner is down, so I can’t really scan the article and post it. But there seems to be no complains about it. Windows 7 would be sold in the following prices.
Home Premium – $359
Home Premium upgrade – $219
Professional – $529
Professional upgrade – $359
Ultimate – $549
Ultimate upgrade – $379

Hm.. the price is certainly cheaper than the $788 of OS X 10.6 but the upgrade price for OS X 10.6 is only $48. Although I’m a Mac user, I’m really interested in Windows OS because.. well… hmm 1 word ‘Eroge’. haha. I’m gonna run either Bootcamp or Parallels with Windows 7, well, sooner or later, or maybe when someone is willing to sponsor me a 7 install disk? Or maybe sponsor me 10.6 disk?

Source: Digital Life Wednesday October 21, 2009

October 21, 2009

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I’ve been wondering, should I write a weekly report on how life here on Little Red Dot? I can’t think of anything else other than anime and complains to put on my blog.. Suggestions?

Should I write a weekly report on my life?
write a daily one
write a monthly one
pollcode.com free polls

Okay, you guys can laugh at me when no one decides to put in their votes.

USB Drive is saved? October 21, 2009

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As some of you might know, something happened to my USB drive and that something made my USB drive not functional. But yesterday, after plugging in the drive and screw around with it in ‘Disk Utility’ , I somehow managed to get it to work again O.O

My sweet USB Drive plugged to my MacBook^^

To prove that it is working^^ See the Ryo there? Yup, it’s working ^^

Life as a SJAB Cadet 1 October 21, 2009

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Today, after receiving the news that CCA is returning this Friday, I really wish I could skip it. I mean, it’s after the exams and a day before the holidays.. and they still want to torture us? They think we are masochist or something? And to make things worse, we have to spend our holidays having training! A total waste of time IMO. But.. This is life and I can’t deny that I don’t like CCA and want to skip it, but skipping CCA would means that I would have to hand in a letter of absence.. I don’t have an excuse to do so ==” Maybe one of you want to act as my parent and help me write the letter? ><“